Meals and Pics

♥ FOOD for the HEART
the SOUL
and the MIND! ♥

Spinach,red onion, mushroom and cheese flat-out pizza
240 calories

Friday May 21st
Breakfast-2slices turkey bacon, 2eggs,1 organic waffle(with a tiny bit of SF syrup on top) topped with 1 large strawberry and light whip cream,coffee.400 calories total
Lunch-deli chicken sandwich, side salad , coffee, 230
Snack- no snack
Supper- speghetti lean cusine + garlic bread
* had a drink and some pretzels before bed*

Saturday May 22nd
Breakfast- grits, eggs + turkey bacon,coffee
Lunch- *Went to buffet* huge salad with lots of veggies + light ranch dressing, small piece of catfish + handfull of  shrimp(both battered and fried), 1/2 c mac-n-cheese.   coffee
Supper - turkey sandwich with mozzarella cheese on ww bread, light pringles, pickle, WW'ers ice cream bar. 

 Re-Fried Beans in a Flatout Multigrain wrap
 1 Burrito = 220
Sunday May 23rd
Breakfast- two eggs, small pancake w/sf syrup, turkey bacon.
Lunch- tuna with light mayo & dill relish on ww bread, diet coke
Supper- turkey smoked sausage hot dog w/bun + 93% lean ground beef hamburger w/bun(cooked out on grill) small bowl of fresh pineapple,strawberries & cantaloupe.

Monday May 24th
Breakfast-  grits,toast,eggs, turkey bacon, coffee
Lunch- 93% lean hamburger with light pringles, pineapple & cantaloupe
Supper- three pieces of pizza and a big salad w/ ranch dressing, light frozen yogurt

Tuesday May 25th
Breakfast- 2 eggs, two pcs ww sandwich rounds w/sf jelly, 2pcs turkey
Lunch- 2 turkey hotdogs + 2pcs ww bread, light pringles, handful of strawberries w/ whip cream, coffee
Supper-one 93% lean slider, one turkey hot dog on ww bun, side salad w/light ranch dressing. 1/2 cup butter pecan ice cream in a waffle cone.

Wednesday May 26th
Breakfast-two eggs,1 waffle w/sf syrup, coffee
Lunch-big salad with light dressing, sandwich, pinapple & strawberries
Supper-93% lean hamburger with veggies, baked sliced potatoes w/ketchup, ww'ers icecream sandwich 

*Note- For the past few days i haven't been completing my food dairy, that is...i haven't exactly added EVERYTHING that i ate *blush* . My Excuse? This past week my DH was on vacation leave from his job and well, i took one from my daily life too so we had drinks at night and then would get the munchies,doh! And NOW im PAYING FOR IT. The scale is up so its time to jump back on that wagon ;-)

 Cajun style Shrimp Po'Boys=400

  Thursday May 27

Breakfast - 2 eggs, ww sandwich round, 1 smoked turkey sausage, coffee
Lunch- mmmm, natural peanut butter(measured,2tbs) with sugar free jelly,  ff milk
snack- turkey sandwich piled high w/veggies w/light miracle whip 
Dinner- 1 cup of chilli cheeseburger mac (made with 93%lean ground beef) 1 dinner roll, mouse cup with squirt of light reddi whip.
snack - ww sandwich round toasted w/sf jelly

Friday May 28th=2200

Breakfast- grits,eggs, toast, coffee
Lunch-3turkey hotdogs on ww bread with mustard,onion & relish
Supper-Spinach and mushroom kashi pizza
*the pizza put me over 120 calories but it was SO worth it,hehehe

Saturday May 29th=1800
Breakfast-ww sandwich round,1tbs npb, 1c ff milk
snack-1can tuna,1tbs light mayo,2pc ww bread
Lunch-3pc deli ham, ww sandwich round,1p light mozzarella cheese
Supper-1 5oz baked pork chop, 1-5oz baked potato, 1c steamed veggies
Snack~1/2 ham sandwich, 1 serve hot fries(couldn't resist but at least i weighed them)

Slow Cookin' Brunswick Stew
1cup = 340

May 30th Sunday=1760
Breakfast~grits,eggs,1pc toast, coffee
Lunch-2tureky hotdogs on ww bread
Snack-strawberries,light whip cream,1 jumbo shrimp,1mini cupcake(gave in a little)
Dinner-grilled chicken with 2tsp bbq sauce,1c baked beans,1 corn on cob,1pc ww toast, mouse cup, mini snickers
snack-2 drinks, pretzels

Breakfast - 2eggs,2pc turkey bacon,2pcs ww toast w/sf jelly, coffee
Lunch -ham sandwich w/veggies, strawberries
Supper - 1c butter beans,turkey sausage,baked potato,broccoli,sf fudge pop
Snacks (am/pm) - yogurt 1tbs Natural peanut butter+6 ww crackers, 100 calorie after dinner snack.

Breakfast - grits,eggs,turkey bacon,1pc ww toast, coffee
Lunch -two ham sandwiches on ww bread
Supper - 93% lean hamburger on ww bread,5.3oz potato , sf fudge pop
Snacks (am/pm) - after supper light popcorn mini bag

Breakfast - grits,eggs,turkey bacon, toast,coffee
Lunch -1 ham sandwich w/veggies, yogurt, coffee
Supper - lean cuisine spaghetti, 2pc light garlic toast,salad
Snacks (am/pm) - 1tbs npb+2grahmn crackers, mini bag of light popcorn

 *was really hungry in the evening so added some cals in. 1780 total cals for the day

 1 can = 260 calories  14g fiber

Breakfast - eggs,jelly toast, 3 pcs turkey bacon
Lunch -1 ham sandwich, yogurt, salad
Supper - Grits, eggs, bacon toast.
Snacks (am/pm) - 1/2 npb sandwich, mini bag light popcorn.

Friday-no counting...

Breakfast - grits,eggs, turkey bacon, toast,coffee
Lunch -sandwich, strawberries, salad
Supper - taco salad
Snacks (am/pm) - popcorn

Sunday-no counting

6 baked buffalo wings, seasoned fries, ranch dressing
Total Calories-550

 Monday 6/7/10
Breakfast-coffee,eggs,turkey bacon, 1 pc toast
snack-1 +1/2 ham sandwich w/veggies on top
Lunch-6" subway club, baked lays
Supper-2 turkey hot dogs + baked lays
no snack

Tuesday 6/8/10
brkfst-Same old breakfast
Lunch-turkey sandwich, peach
snack-no snack
Supper-chicken nachos w/2tbs gordo's cheese dip (yum) and veggies

Breakfast-ww light english muffin w/2pc turkey bacon,1egg,1/2 serv. cheddar cheese,coffee
Lunch-2crunchy tacos 
Snack-Frozen yogurt topped with stawberries
Supper- Grilled chicken breast with rice and seasoned veggies. Salad w/ff ranch dressing

Breakfast (same as yesterday)
Lunch-ham sandwich, baked lays
Supper-5oz Steak with 5.3oz baked potato topped with light butter/sour cream

Breakfast-WW english muffin, 1egg,2pc turkey bacon, 1/2 serv cheddar cheese,coffee
Lunch-ham sandwich on ww bread, baked lays
Supper-7.5 oz 93% lean meat/ 1c Large lima beans

Vanilla Yogurt w/blueberries - 130 calories

  Sunday 6/13 = 1419 calories
Brkfst- 2eggs, 2pc turkey bacon, toast,coffee
Lnch-2tbs NPB, cauliflower, broccoli w/1tbs light ranch, cantaloupe
snack-1/2 ham sandwich, strawberries, cantaloupe w/light whip cream
Supper-2oz ww fettuccine noodles,1/4 c Fettuccine cheese sauce, tuna , garlic toast
Snack-popcorn (smart pop)

Monday 6/14 = 1390 calories
Brkfst-coffee, grits, turkey bacon 1 ww toast, 1egg
Lnch-NPB sandwich w/sf jelly, banana
snack-turkey sndwich
Supper-4oz lean ground beef, sliced then baked russet potato, veggies on the side

Tuesday 6/15=1800-1900 calories
Brkfst- 1egg.2pc turkey bacon, .5oz cheese on thin bagel, coffee
Lnch- lean ground beef patties, brown rice pilaf with tomato/basil/garlic, strawberries
 snack- 1/2 c refried beans, 2 flour tortillas, 1tbs light sour cream, 1oz shredded cheese
Supper-turkey sandwich, cantaloupe,
Wednesday 6/16=1370 calories
Brkfst-ham,egg & cheese bagel sandwich, coffee
Lnch- refried beans, 2 tortilla's, 3pc dark chocolate
Supper-2 light hot dogs,2 pc ww bread, baked lays,3 dark chocolate squares (mmmm)

Thursday 6/17=1470 calories
Brkfst-Coffee, 1egg,2pc turkey bacon, grits,1pc ww toast
Lnch-2 light hotdogs,2pc ww bread,baked lays, cantaloupe
Supper-4.3oz lean boneless porkchop, roasted veggies,  baked potato w/light butter ,sour cream, 3 dark chocolate squares(so yum)

Flat Out Turkey Wrap-210 calories
 Friday 6/18 =1520
Brkfst-2pc bacon, thin everything bagel, .5oz cheese,1egg, coffee
Lnch-left over boneless porkchop sandwich
snack-1pc ww bread,1tbs npb, 1c coffee
Supper-1/2c refried beans,2tortillas, salsa, corn chips
Saturday 6/19=1478
Brkfst-2eggs,grits,2pc bacon,1 toast, coffee
Lnch-2tb npb,2 chocolate squares,2pc ww bread
Supper-5oz 93%lean open faced turkey burger,roasted veggies, 5.3oz potato

*Sunday 6/20~No Counting (2000-2300)

Monday 6/21=1270 (low,but a rest workout)
Brkfst-2eggs,thin bagel,1pc bacon,coffee
Lnch-natural peanut butter sandwich on ww bread
Supper-home made pizza ,1c coffee

 Cheeseburger Chili Mac-n-Cheese
 1 c=370 cals

Tuesday 6/22=1500
Brkfst-2pc turkey bacon,2eggs, ww english muffin,coffee
Lnch-home made pizza w/veggies
snack-open face NPB sandwich on ww bread
Supper-lean meat burrito w/veggies on a ww flat-out flat bread
Snack-popcorn, 3 select beers

Wednesday 6/23=(estimate) 2300
Brkfst-2eggs, grits, turkey bacon,toast, coffee
Lnch-left over taco meat w/cheese sauce +veggies
Supper-no counting,off plan

Thursday 6/24=1325
Brkfst-2 eggs, ww english muffin, 2pc turkey bacon, jelly, coffee
Lnch-veggie pizza (used Italian flavor ww wrap as crust,very tasty)
Supper-2 serv butter beans, roasted veggies, 2oz baked ham, baked sliced potato's, 3 dark chocolate squares w/1tbs NPB (OMG...sooooo good)

Friday 6/25=1520
Brkfst-1egg,2pc tureky bacon, english muffin, .5 serving of cheese, coffee
Lnch-npb and jelly sandwich
Supper-2pc tureky bacon, 5oz 93%lean ground beef, .5 oz cheddar cheese , ww bread + veggies,5.3oz potato sliced and backed.

Saturday 6/26=1510
Brkfst- 2eggs, 2pc buttered ww bread, 2pc bacon,coffee
Lnch-ham sandwich, light chips
snack- veggie pizza on a ww wrap
Supper-meat patty, rice pilaf, sliced tomatoes, 3 dark choc sqares
Snack- 2 pc buttered toast

Sunday 6/27=1850
Brkfst-1 biscuit,1pc sausage,2eggs,coffee..1 cookie
Lnch-meat patty, 2pc ww bread, 1oz cheese
snack-no snack
Supper-2 jr roast beef sandwiches and jr cruly fry (arby's) 3 choc squares
Snack-thin bagel w/2 tbs ff strawberry cream cheese 

 protein pancakes (2) 330 calories

Monday 6/28
Brkfst-bagel w/ff cream cheese, 2eggs,2bacon,coffee
Lnch-home made pizza on a wrap
Supper-tyso general chicken, 2egg rolls

Chicken seasoned salad w/light honey mustard dressing= 330
  Tuesday 6/29-no counting

Wednesday 6/30-1600
Brkfst-2pc turkey bacon,2toast,2eggs,coffee
Lnch-home made pizza
Supper-salad two small plates at a buffett (estimated to be about 1000 cals)

Thursday 7/1 1500
Brkfst-2pc turkey bacon,2eggs,2 toast,coffee
Lnch-home made pizza
Supper-2kahiki egg rolls,tyso general chicken meal

friday 7/2-no counting

Saturday 7/3-no counting

Sunday 7/4-no counting

Monday 7/5-1480
Brkfst-2 eggs,2pc tureky bacon 1pc toast,1c skim milk, coffee
Lnch-left over taco meat,3hard shell tacos,2% cheese, 1/2c refried beans
Supper-home made pizza

Tuesday 7/6-1600
Brkfst-Same as yesterday
Lunch-home made pizza
snack-Natural peanut butter snadwich,skim milk
Supper-1/2 bag garlic shrimp
ham & cheese sandwich

Wednesday 7/7-1684
Brkfst-2pc turkey bacon,1pc toast, 2 eggs, coffee
Lunch-PB sandwich w/1c skim milk
Snack-1/2 ham and cheese sandwich
Supper-1c cheese ranch chicken, garlic breadsticks,  light ranch dressing, chocolate squares,coffee

Thursday 7/8 - 2110
Brkfst-2pc turkey bacon,2eggs,1pc ww toast, coffee
Lnch-2 TBLT's sandwiches on ww bread w/light miricale whip
snack-1/2 turkey & cheese sandwich
Supper-Kahiki's Tyso General's Chicken, 2 veggie eggrolls, 3 dark choc. squares


Friday 7/9 - 1361
Brkfst-2tureky bacon, 2eggs, 1pc ww toast, yogurt, coffee
Lnch-veggie home made pizza
Supper-Kashi spinach  Mushroom pizza, side salad w/ ranch,  garlic breadstick,  dark chocolate squares, coffee

Saturday 7/10 - 1720
Brkfst-2tbs pb, 1 slice ww bread, coffee
Lnch-mushroom & spinach pizza,pizza sauce w/2 galic bread sticks, coffee
Supper-2 tortillas, 1/2 c refried beans, low cal cheese, 3 dark choc squares2
Snack- popcorn

Sunday 7/11 - 1660
Brkfst-2pc turkey bacon,2eggs,1pc toast,coffee
Lnch-ww pbj sandwich, yogurt,
snack-rotisserie chicken sandwich on ww bread
Supper-2eggs, grits, turkey bacon, toast

Monday 7/12 - no counting

Tuesday 7/13=1750
Brkfst-2tbs npb + 1pc ww bread,coffee
Lnch-home made spinach pizza
Supper-4 hard shell taco's, 1/2c refried beans, lean ground beef, cheese, fudge bar
Snack-100 cal snack...not sure yet, probably popcorn

Wednesday 7/14=1500 estimated 2500
Brkfst-1pck oatmeal, 1c skim milk, coffee
Lnch-5oz 93% lean taco meat, 3 hard shell taco's, .8oz cheese, lettuce, fudge bar
snack-fiber one bar
Supper-2 light beef hot dogs, 2pc ww bread, light cole slaw, ketchup, baked lays
Snack-1 hot dog,1pc bread

Thursday 7/15=2597
Brkfst-2pc tureky bacon,2eggs,2pc buttered SF Jelly ww bread,coffee
Lnch-NPB sandwich on WW bread, yogurt
Supper-Lean Cuisine spaghetti w/meatballs, fudge bar

Friday 7/16- 3200
Brkfst-turkey bacon, 2eggs,2pc ww toast,coffee
Lnch-NPB sandwich w/sf jelly, fiber one bar, yogurt
Supper-2 bologna sandwiches on ww bread w/light may (this is a comfort food for me)
Snack- ate about 1200 calories worth of crap. Was very sad and my eating showed it :(

Saturday 7/17= 1680
Brkfst- 2pc turkey bacon, 2eggs, 2 ww sf/jelly toast, coffee
lnch- home made pizza, fudge bar
snack- fiber one bar
supper- 2 baked talipia fish filets, 1c brown rice, veggies, fudge bar
snack-100 cal snack

Sunday 7/18=No counting
brfst-2eggs,2pc turkey bacon, toast, cheese, coffee
lunch-1 light hotdog,1pc bread, 1/2 serve cole slaw, baked chips
snack-6 saltines, 1tbs NPB
Supper-2pc fish dinner @ Captian D's
Snack small pc chocolate cake

Started a new Journal!!!

Isn't it Purty?
 Monday 7/19-1695 -yay!!
brfst-coffee, grits,eggs turkey bacon, toast
lunch- 1 c turkey chili, cheese, 3 hard shell taco's
snack-ham sandwich
supper-lean cuisine pizza, side salad

**From now on i will do weekly total of my calories**

Week 7/19 - 7/24
Monday-1695 Tuesday-1585 Wednesday-1505 Thursday-1765 Friday-1520 Saturday-1500 Sunday- no counting

**Week 7/25 - 7/31**
Sunday-no counting 

**Week 8/1 - 8/8**


Sunday-no counting

**Week of 8/8 -  8/15 **

Sunday-no counting 

**Week of 8/15 - 8/22**

Sunday-no counting 

Chicken stir-fry w/egg roll 
400 total calories

**Week of 8/22 - 8/29**

Tuesday-2510 *went out to eat*
Wednesday-1440 (just not hungry)
Friday- close to 3500

*going back to logging food for a while..last two days have not been too good*

Saturday 8/28
Breakfast-2eggs,2pc turkey bacon, grits, 1pc ww bread
Lunch-refried bean burrito on a multi-grain flat out wrap
Supper-side salad w/raspberry walnut dressing + ham sandwich on ww bread + 2 fudge pops
*2 slices of pizza + a 'sweet'* ..not on plan
Total Calories -2100  burned(workouts)-610 calories

Sunday 8/29
Breakfast-2ww toast,cheddar cheese,2eggs, turkey bacon,coffee
Lunch-1slic ww bread w/2tbs npb
snack-spinach pizza
Supper-whopper jr (no cheese,no mayo) side salad
4shot whiskey..
Total Calories-1945 Burned 520

Monday 8/30
Breakfast-two eggs,1 laughing cow cheese,2pc ww toast, coffee
Lunch-Turkey sandwich,side salad w/raspberry walnut dressing, greek yogurt
snack-nectarine, handful blueberries, energy drink(crystal lite)
Supper-baked chicken wings (no skin) seasoned fries, celery + ranch dress. + 1/2 c frozen yogurt w/blueberries
Total Calories- 1620  1520 Burned 215

Tuesday 8/31
Breakfast-grits,eggs,t.bacon,ww toast w/fiber sf jelly,coffee
Lunch-veggie pizza on multi-grain wrap
Snack-re-fried bean burrito on MG Wrap w/hot sauce
Supper-lean ground beef w/colby cheese,bun, fries. SF pop
Snack-1/2 turkey sandwich
Total Calories-  1730   Total Burned- 572

Wednesday 9/1
Breakfast-Banana, coffee
Snack-re-fried bean burrito,cheese, ww wrap
Lunch-2tbs natural peanut butter,1slic ww bread
Snack-greek yogurt w/blueberries
Supper-1/2 serving stouffers skillet(yuk), grilled cheese
Snack-yogurt w/bberries, handful of boiled peanuts
Total Calories- 1700   Total Burned- 425

Garlic Shrimp w/wild rice and steamed veggies
400 calories

Thursday 9/2
Snack-2eggs,turkey bacon,ww toast,
Supper-2 chicken burrito's,1sf fudge pop
Snack-cupcake (eyeroll)
Total Calories- 1715    Total Burned- 450'

Friday 9/3
Snack-coffee,1/2npb slice
Breakfast- veggie pizza
Snack-re-fried bean w/cheese on wrap
Supper-Salisbury steak w/gravy, baked potato,broccoli
Total Calories-1620   Total Burned-430

Saturday 9/4
Total Calories-   2800  Total Burned- 0 (rest)
Sunday 9/5 
Breakfast-Coffee, turkey bacon, toast, grits, eggs
Lunch-ham sandwich
Snack-npb sandwich
Supper-lean steak pattie bowl w/brown rice & stir-fry veggies
Total Calories-   1595  Total Burned- 720
Monday 9/6
Breakfast-same as yesterday
Lunch-npb+j sandwich
Supper-3 hard shell taco's w/lean meat,cheese,l sour cream
2shots whiskey
Total Calories- 1750    Total Burned- 520

 Tuesday 9/7
Breakfast-small bannana,coffee
lunch-left over taco meat, cheese,wrap,yogurt
Supper-McDonald's,small slice cake
 Total Calories=2400  Calories burned 640

Taco Salad=420 calories
For the next 34 days i will be posting my meals in daily post on the Home page
Saturday  9/25/10
Breakfast-2eggs,grits, turkey sausage, toast,coffee
lunch-re-fried beans on a ww wrap,1 orange, handful grapes,coffee
supper-veggie pizza, side salad, 2 fuge pops
Total calories-  1820   Total burned-? HRM's not working

Breakfast-2pc cinnamon toast,2eggs, turkey bacon, coffee

lunch-tuna salad w/saltines
supper-2 Jr roast beef sandwiches @ Arby's, value fry
snack-pretzels, 2 shots of whiskey
Total calories-1620   Calories burned 420

Monday 9/27/2010
Breakfast-protein shake
lunch-O'Charelys 1/2 burger, handful fries
snack banana
supper- turkey sandwich, fuge pop
snack- popcorn
Total calories- 1800 Calories burned-240

Tuesday 9/28/2010
breakfast-protein power,skim milk,1tbs npb, coffee
lunch-tuna, mayo, crackers
snack-banana, raspberry smoothie
supper-chicken breast,1 ww wraps,light cheese,fudge pop
snack-54g fruity pebbles (evil cereal,why did i buy it?),1/2c skim milk
Total Calories-1900~  burned 450

grits,eggs,turkey sausage,toast,coffee
NPB sandwich w/sf jelly
protein shake w/yogurt & skim milk/raspberries
Huge salad w/chopped chicken and light honey mustard
100 cal snack
 Total Calories- 1920~Total Burned-420

Thursday-off plan

   Friday-no counting

Breakfast-2eggs,2 pcs ww apply jelly butter toast,coffee

lunch-tuna, light mayo,crackers
supper-refried beans burrito on multi grain wrap,salad
Total calories-  1820   Total burned-170

Sunday 10-3-10
Lunch-npb + jelly sandwich
Snack -yogurt,nectarine
supper-plan baked potato,small chili w5crackers
snack-200 cal snack
Total calories- 1740    Total burned-180

Monday 10-4-10
Breakfast-grits,eggs,toast,turkey bacon,coffee
Lunch-NPB sandwich
Supper-2hard shell,14soft shell taco's w/lean meat,salad
snack-150cal snack?
Total calories-1620 Total burned 280

Tuesday 10-5-10
Lunch-2light hotdogs,baked cheeto's
Supper-2light hot dogs, 1/2 serve coleslaw, baked cheeto's, small cup icedream
Snack-4pc russell stoffers chocolates
Total calories- 2400     Total burned- 640

Wednesday 10-6-10
Breakfast-2 miniature york patties, 1/2 npb sandwich,coffee
protein power & water shake
chicken stir-fry w/brown rice,egg roll
Total calories-1540 Total burned-400

Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday-no counting 

Monday 9/11 Goal ~ 1700 (Goal Met):D
Meal #1-protein pancakes,eggs, coffee
Meal#2-tuna on whole wheat w/light mayo
Meal#4-plain baked potato,sm.chili,garden salad w/light ranch (wendy's)
Snack-ham sandwich w/cheese and mustard
Total Calories-1685

Tuesday 9/12 Goal ~ 1800
Meal #1 protein pancakes,coffee
Meal#2 tomato soup, grilled cheese
Meal#4~two hard shell tacos w/extra lean meat,refried beans,cheese, SF pop
Snack-29g multi-grain cheerios
2shots whisky + 1/2 turkey sandwich
Total Calories-  1865

Wednesday 9/13 ~ 1500
Meal #1-grits,eggs,t-bacon,coffee
Meal#2- 2oz taco meat, 2 1/2 shells,refried beans,coffee
Meal#3- yogurt,small apple
Meal#4- extra lean beef, 2oz ww noodles, light ragu,1 slice ww toast
Snack-29g multigrain cheerios
Total Calories-  1750

Thursday 9/14 Goal ~ 1700
Meal #1 protein pancakes, coffee
Meal#2 turkey sandwich,pretzels
Meal#3 npb/banana slice
Meal#4 wild rice,garlic butter shrimp, steamed veggies, icecream/cookie
Total Calories- 2200  

Friday 9/15 Goal ~ 1700(yeah,right!)
Meal #1 grits,eggs,t-bacon,coffee,toast
Meal#2 leftover spaghetti
Total Calories- ???? disaster day :s  

**Started Calorie Cycling**

Saturday 9/16 Goal ~1350(Goal Met)
Meal #1 Grits,eggs,bacon,coffee
Meal#2tuna,light mayo,crackers
Meal#3turkey sandwich
Meal#4 Amy's organic enchilada meal

Sunday 9/17 Goal ~1710(Met Goal)
Meal#1-gritseggs,toast,turkey bacon,toast
Meal#2-tuna w/L mayo, crackers, huge salad w/L ranch
Meal#4-hamburger w/bun,sliced potato,steamed broccoli-cauliflower,carrots
Snack-2 slices cinnamon toast

Monday 9/18 Goal~2050(OVER 2200)
Meal#2-ham sandwich on ww bread w/mustard,greens +tomato
Meal#3-npb sandwich
Meal#3-slices pizza, slice cake

Tuesday 9/19 Goal~ 1710(Under Goal,1490)
Meal#1-2eggs, whole wheat toast, coffee
Meal#2-beef patti w/rice pilaf, tomato's & huge salad w/light dressing
Meal#4-2light natural hot dogs, baked apple w/cinnamon & l.butter
Snack-1/2 ham sandwich
another snack- 5crackers + 1/2 serving cheese

January 1/03/2013 
IM BACK With an Vengeance! 

I won't be logging my food on here everyday but I will do my best. And I will try and take some pics of my meals.
Meal #1- pbj sandwich, protein shake 
Meal #2 tuna sandwich on ww bread w/banana peppers, lettuce and tomato
Meal#3- turkey taco salad w/ baked doritos (out of baked tortillas)
Meal#4 300 cals of something

M#1 coffee, 2eggs w/ 1/4 c shredded cheese on ww toast
m#2- pbj sandwich, greet yogurt, baked doritos
M#3- celery, carrot sticks & light ranch dip
M#4 1 porch chop, green beans w/onions, huge salad w/ff italian. 
M#5 ?

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