Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hello? Was it me your looking for?

I heard that song on the radio yesterday and just had to turn it up.

Good Morning,

or Afternoon I should say. Hope all is well in the blogger world! I know its been a while, but I do think about blogging a lot if that counts? HA ha

Nothing new to report as far as weight loss goes. My weight has been gradually increasing since my last post. I did try  WW'ers back in the spring and went to two meetings and found it so tedious to count points that I quit that,. I wish they give refunds. I also tried countless times to count calories and still just can't bring myself to do it either.

I've come to the conclusion that I've reached a new stepping stone in my life. No more diets, no more rules to shed the pounds. I simple don't have the patience anymore. Im just gonna try to do my best. That's it, whether its walking, strength training or choosing a salad/healthier option .. Im just gonna try. It's that simple. I weighed myself Sunday morning and sometime next month I will weigh again.

So far this new way of thinking is working with my self-esteem and my outlook on just life its self? For the past two weeks I have been walking two days a week and it feels wonderful. A total mental transformation folks. Keep in mind my past weight loss journey, it was a great success. But it didn't hold...this new way of being kind to my self is a mindset that I could get use too.

ok, more later. My sister is coming over so I gotta cut this short.

later gators.

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