Friday, July 28, 2017

Since My Last Post

Good Evening,

I'm listening to the ATL braves baseball while playing farmtown on facebook, thought I would pop in again.
Farmtown is one of my guilty pleasures. I have been playing that game on and off since 2009. It can be so addictive. Oh and the braves is on because my husband is watching them ( 'cause when I watch them my mind wonders off into lala land, what a snooze fest gesh )

So, on my last post I was blabbering about blood work and alcohol and foot surgery right? I had to lay off the ibuprofen and the alcohol until my next visit. Well, I am proud to say that I haven't had any ibuprofen since that day nor do I tend to. I have learned to live with the pain. I have however had alcohol.... after all when you go to the beach what else do you do besides drink and swim and eat? We went to Tybee Island back in June then a couple of weeks back we went to my beloved Panama City Beach ( gonna live there one day, I promise!! ) Both trips were very fun and so relaxing. There is something about the beach that makes you just care free.

Ok, back to my update. So yeah, I've cut back on my whiskey a lot too...almost completely. After the kids get back in school and they're settled I will go back and get my liver enzymes checked again. She also wants me to do the blood sugar test A1C.  Oh I almost forgot, I am close to being completely off all my anxiety meds yay!! woot woot!. Im slowly coming off my last pill now, I have about a month to go. Im sure that will help my liver enzymes too.

Anxiety and panic attacks are such a mind thing. I mean I can feel an attack coming.  It's hard to explain -it's like I'm in my own head and suddenly a panic rushes through me. My main thought is " I have to leave right now" I can feel my heart pounding and i get very tense. its hard to focus and my breathing is hard and sometimes the room is spinning. But using the tools I gathered from the therapy sessions, I now know what do do.  But I will be honest ..  its difficult sometimes.  I don't have them a lot...about once a month, usually before my period hits. I haven't had any depression since coming off buspar, it worked miracles for my anxiety but really messed with my moods. I took it for about a year and decided enough was enough. It took me about 2 months to come off it slowly. ( I believe in very slowly weaning myself off all medications, I hate side effects) and im so glad I did.

My foot still hurts, but im dealing with it. Yesterday my husband and I tag teamed mowing the front yard. After he was done I realized that my half was going off towards the ditch? Really? ( oh I got him back - I didn't wash any of his close last night teehee..he had no underwear this morning LOL) anyways... so after mowing my half of the lawn my lower back, right hip and of course right foot was throbbing. And I mean a very intense throb! I was pouring sweat thanks to this good ol' GA heat so I jumped in the pool. Yep, didn't even bother putting on my bathing suit..i just jumped in wearing shorts and a t-shirt. If felt SO GOOD. Hey, when your hot and hurting, you really don't give a shit who's looking.

ok..later gators, Gotta go get ready for my 3 day work week.

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