Friday, June 23, 2017

Hey Ya'll

Hey ya'll!!

Yep, im popping in and saying HELLOOOOOOOOOO

So it's like this. The fat girl that was once on the inside is now on the outside. Yep...she has taken over and I'm fixing to take back what I once was. S*T*R*O*N*G

My fist course of action was getting my blood work to see physically where I was. I got my blood work done last week.and it was better than expected. there are a few things I need to work on but no medication prescribed just yet, but if I don't get my but in gear I will be on some meds.

Im doing good. I had to cut out alcohol and ibuprofen ( my liver enzymes were slightly elevated) so I found some natural alternatives for inflammation that seem to work pretty good. There is no substitute for alcohol (lol) so im just learning to do without that for now.

anyways. I will more than likely have to have surgery on my right foot. My plantar fasciatis is a pain in the but at this point. It comes and goes but never stays away. Im not really very active because of it.

ok..just a quick update. The kids are doing good and the hubby is doing good. :) Im very blessed.

thanks for stopping by,

see ya next time

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