Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Update

Good Morning,

I can't believe how quickly this year is going by? Once Halloween starts it's all about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We had a good thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to come home after work and find a kitchen full of food that my amazing husband cooked, and it was so good. It was nice spending some time with the kids for a little while.

My job is going ... well, good I guess. It's getting less painful to get up at 3:45 and work a 11.5 hour shift 5 days a week. (yes we are still working mandatory overtime) We all got great news yesterday (insert a sarcastic grin here) Now they want us to work 6 days a week. Yep, today is my only day off this week...isn't that just wonderful? ( sigh )

But its what I left my other job for and the money is great. But dang...6 days of 11.5 hour days can play a roll on your body. Lets just say Ibuprofen is my best friend right now. The overtime shouldn't last much longer, 3 weeks tops. Im praying anyway.

So since today is my only day off I got a heck of a lot to do this morning before I can relax this afternoon. Christmas shopping, grocery shopping and a little bit of house chores. My kids have been helping us with that, bless their little hearts.

Well just for the heck of it I decided to check my weigh this morning, Im up 3 lbs from my last weigh in from October. I'm sure all the working (aka stress)  and holiday treats are the culprit. I know I wasn't gonna lose anyway... but after this maddening work schedule is over I plan on doing some serious prioritizing in my life. My health will be one of my main focuses come the new year.

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