Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Changes Are Good

Good Morning,

It's Tuesday, September 13. I'm just sitting in my pj's relaxing for now.

The past few weeks have been busy - very busy, with lots of changes. But im sure they're for the best.

First let me start by saying I am no longer following WWer's...but I am however just watching what I eat, mainly my portions and I'm still losing weight ( in small increments lol).
And secondly I GOT A NEW JOB!! Yep, after working in a grocery store since 2011 I finally got in at my husbands work and now ride with him to work. I work 3 twelve hour shifts and then I'm done. I have four days to do whatever I need to do..I LOVE IT. My orientation was last week and this week was my first week, it's different then the slow pace at the grocery store but the time seems to fly by. I don't have to wear a uniform and it's a considerable pay increase. This job means a better life for our family.

so ... that's what I've been up too the past few weeks. I will check in soon. Have a great week :-) and thanks for reading.

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