Friday, May 27, 2016

Hello Strangers....

Hey guys

It's me, just checking in and letting you know I'm still alive and stuff.

I think my last post was in March, well it is now towards the end of May. I can honestly say I'm doing pretty good. I started on a lower dose of my antidepressant about three weeks ago and I plan on taking my sweet time coming off of it entirely. Why risk having side effects? Doc wants me to cut back every two weeks but im taking about a month per/a dose reduction. I asked him to put me on buspirone (buspar) that is for anxiety.... cause I know im going to need something. So I'm slowly building that up in my system while I come off the generic for Zoloft.

Anyways, nothing else going on right now. I'm still working and I even though I don't love my job I don't hate it.

My daughter starts high school in September and my son starts middles school, I feel as if there growing up so fast and before I know it there gonna be off to college, which isn't a bad thing but dang, where did the time go?

I haven't been coming on here very much because well... the isn't really much to say these days. I go to work, come home, clean up spend a few hours with my family and go to bed. Then it's a repeat. I guess you could say I don't have any updates on any weight loss or exercise.

We went hiking Monday and it just about killed me. Since then I've been kinda down. And it doesn't help when your kids are saying " dang mamma, I can remember when you were at the front telling us to hurry up and now you are having to take breaks to catch your breath" I tell them it happens...and to shut up ;-)

I promise to post more, if ya'll promise to stick with me. I lost the weight before and I will do it again.

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