Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hello March


Yes I'm still alive. Yes the hubby and I are still sticking to our new year's resolution of changing our habits. January was only eating out once a week. - we eat 'out' more than once a  week but my choices are healthier. February we we're suppose to start exercising but we didn't. I guess we just wasn't ready. March we started exercising( and I know it's only the second day, gesh)  but we're doing good.
 Sunday we hiked for an hour and I did 30 minutes on my elliptical yesterday. Tomorrow I plan on doing one or the other, walking or elliptical. I'm going to workout every other day :-)  

Oh and I cut down my .. ahem... alcohol consumption ( whisky shots) to just one night a week, Saturday night is whiskey night for me. 

I don't know how much I weight and I don't care. I wear a size 22 in pants and that gives me a good indication of how much I weigh. 

I'm just gonna keep going, perhaps my pants will loosen up in a few weeks?

The last time I posted I mentioned my doctors visit. Well, he suggested that I give my meds another three months and try to lose weight. I said ok. Now I'm going to ask him in April what he thinks about me taking something else. I've been looking into buspar, it's a anti-anxiety medication, I think I tried it on my first visit with him but I didn't really take it long, I had just lost my grandmother and was going through major depression and anxiety episodes

anyways. Take it easy.. thats if for now, chow! 

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