Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Update

Good Morning,

Just popping in for a quick update before work.

So as I said on my last post, my hubby and I decided to start healthy habits together. We cut out fast food except for one day a week. This is January's change and we are rocking it. We have been cooking at home and it really isn't as hard as we thought it would be. We found some new supper's to add to our list like Chicken & cabbage stir fry, garlic shrimp w/ veggies and lean burrito's.Just some recipe's we found on the web.  It's going well and I'm proud of us!

February is going to be another change. Hubby wants to add in exercise. I'm kinda dreading this one but I know once I get the ball rolling it will get easier, I'm just thankful that we are doing it together.

So my doctor's 3 month follow up is tomorrow. Sigh. I honestly wish I could come off my SSRI. But I know that once I do I'm so moody and I become a raging, stressful, can't-keep-my-foot-out-of-my-mouth bitch! It's like the medication lets me take life with a grain of salt instead of the whole damn shaker. IDK.

 But in other news, I didn't weigh on January 1st like I should have, but there is a 10 pound difference since before I started the medication. I weighed back in November I think. But now that I know my weight I've been weighing almost everyday and the scale is going down. So the lack of fast food is working. Perhaps giving the medication another 3 months wouldn't be so bad.

ok, enough jibber jabbering. Have a good day (:

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