Thursday, January 07, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Good Morning

I went MIA for a while, just needed a break from blogging. How was everyone's Holidays? We had a good time, busy of course but good. Now that's its a new year My hubby and I have started new healthy habits together. I'm excited because it's been 7 days and we're doing good.

Remember the old saying slow and steady wins the race? We decided to do things slow. We've taken one bad habit and replace it with a healthy one. Less eating out and more cooking at home.  Before it was nearly 4 times a week. It's going good so far, we are chosing easier meals with lean meats and more veggies.

The next habit that changes is portion size. For me anyway...cause I know how much I'm suppose to eat just from my last weight loss journey.

Alrighty Time for work. Just wanted to say Hello  

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