Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday update

Good Morning,

So yesterday we went to my daughters football game ( she's in marching band and absolutely loves it) and I didn't get home until around midnight. I'm kinda tired but coffee is my friend today...even if it's half decafe lol

So far this week I have tried to count calories but bomb by the end of the day. Seriously? I need to stop buying junk so I can't eat it. sigh

I got in two workouts. One was on the elliptical for 30 mins and the other one was a 30 min walk. Not too bad.

ok...gotta go, just a quick update.

Oh and BTW- I started yet another MFP account ( eyeroll) yes, I confess...I have a love/hate relationship with mfp. I will make a new account then delete it when I get frustrated with myself. I tell ya, trying to come up with new user id's is hard. LOL. Right now I'm  tryingtobefit78 if anyone wants to look me up.

k, bye

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