Saturday, August 08, 2015

Still Going! Day #5


So my chug ( Chihuahua pug mix) thinks its a school day, he keeps running into Dalton's room wanting to wake him up, lol - its so cute. Well I guess is funny to us but not to Dalton.

Yesterday my little girl was complaining of an itchy head. I didn't think anything of it until I heard her complain while she was itching...then it clicked, duh. So I examined her head and sure enough there was little buggers running around in there. Not an infestation but there was a few. Luckily my husband uses Selsun Blue once a week. I lathered her up and let it sit for 30 minutes and there all gone. I washed her bed clothes in scalding hot water too. Well, lets just say I hope there all gone.

Today is day 5 of logging calories. I'm still you believe it?
Every time I think about cheating or nibbling I think of 'why' I'm doing this. I've got to get some weight off, I'm so uncomfortable.  And I figure I will start being more active when I get used to logging my food...gotta take baby steps.  Myfitnesspal is awesome and easy.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Day 3 New Job & MFP


I've got about 25 minutes before I need to get ready for work.

So, I weighed this morning and I'm down a little over 3lbs. Love that I'm losing weight by myself, no pills or tricks. Just logging my food on MFP. It's day #3 and I know I will eventually get used to it. So far the hardest part is in the evening, I find myself wondering into the kitchen looking for chips or whatever I can find. I even asked my hubby if we could go get some chicken wings and celery for supper. LOL. That is what I call an "impulse craving" haha. Luckily he said no, we already ate out this week (we had Arby's Tuesday) I had to make myself go sit down a few times yesterday.
If I would workout around the time the night time munchies start I'm sure those urges will go away. I'm going to try and do it tonight, or take a nice, long, hot bath too.

Work is good. I'm learning a lot. So far the hardest thing is using the scanning gun to scan in Venders. I know in time, I will fly right through it though. I think today we will be making sale signs, changing tags and checking in vendors.
Anyways, I like it. I know it will get easier the more I do. When I run into the store manager I'm going to thank him again for giving me the opportunity. It's nice to not smell like a chicken after work. LOL

My babies started school yesterday and I missed their first day :-(  Hubby took pics though.

ok, times up.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Quick Check In


Today is Day #2 at my new job. I'm excited, I had butterflies in my stomach yesterday for a little bit. I hate feeling like that, and I'm a little anxious as well.

It's also day 2 on plan. I did fairly well yesterday, logged all my food but no exercise yet.

ok, just a quick check in.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Starting New Job Tonight!


I'm so excited to be starting my new position at work. My Deli manager gave me a hug yesterday and told me she loved me. I thought it was so sweet.

It's 11:15 pm on a Tuesday night and I have to be at work at midnight. My new position requires me to work one 3rd shift day a week then the other 4 days are 6-2:30.What's so exciting is that I have a set schedule, something I haven't had in a very long time.  I'm so excited...shocked really that I finally get a break at this grocery store.

I'm also hopping that the new position will  help with my weight loss since I won't be around food all day. I logged my food yesterday and all though I went over I still did very good.

ok, gotta go get ready :-)

I Split My Pants!


Yup, you heard right. I was at work Sunday and when I bent down to get something I heard and felt my pants rip at the crouch area. I had to be careful the rest of the day... when I got home I sewed them up ( unless there falling apart completely I refuse to buy new work pants)

Oh, and here's another doosey for ya. I was getting ready to go swimming yesterday when all of a sudden my daughter comes running out of her bathroom screaming "Momma I found your scale!" This is great news! It means I don't have buy a new one. Hell yeahya

So, the first thing I did was step on the d@mn thing this morning and as expected...I'm a whale.

My heaviest was right before I started that diet pill back in May and I weighed 248. This morning I weigh 250

yes...its sucks. Yup... I feel like a whale. And doing something about it.

This first thing I did this morning was log my food on MFP. I don't care how many times I tried this website and failed. One of these days I'm gonna try and its going to stick and I'm going keep going.

Work news
So today is my official last day in the deli. I've got mixed emotions about it. I'm sad because the deli crew is so awesome ( for the most part, there are some sour apples in there) but we usually have a good time. But I'm also very excited to be making more money, to be working mostly by myself and making more money. To be working by myself, making more money and NOT smelling like a piece of fried chicken every time I leave that place.

Did I mention I'm making more money? teehee.


Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday's Hallelujah's


Today I cook for the LAST TIME in the Deli, HALLELUJAH!!! I just hope we're not busy today. Ugh...I hate it when we're busy and I'm running all over the place.

Nothing new really going on except my new job coming up. I'm excited but its kinda bittersweet since I won't be working with the deli crew anymore. I get along with almost everybody there and we've had some fun times. At least I will be in the same store so I can still visit them.

So remember that gym I was telling you guys about? Well, I plan on joining Wednesday (never mind, open house for my son) so as soon as I get a chance. I couldn't join last week because school shopping took all our extra money, grrrrrr

Anyways, I was talking to another gym member yesterday and she's lost 47 lbs since starting in January!! How about that?  She's started with 3 sessions with a personal trainer who also gave her a flexible diet plan that she can follow based on her weaknesses and strengths. And she's not that expensive. So I'm heading up there the first chance I get.
I need a re-boot in eating healthy and a new perspective on workouts couldn't hurt either.

Meanwhile I'm logging my food on MFP even if it isn't 100% healthy

September 2018 Update

Hey Ya'll! I've got about an hour to blog before work. My eye's popped open at 4:45 this morning, don't you just love that...