Saturday, May 09, 2015

Quick Update Saturday


I'm off work today and plan on getting some house work done. The front yard needs mowing too...something I was suppose to do last Saturday -oops

So my monthly came yesterday, a week early. I was kinda relieved to see it after the bad day I had Thursday, whew. I was so sensitive that day? More than usual. I think I cried like 3 times over stupid things. I'm not a crier either. The scale is only up 1.8 this morning and I usually gain close to 4 pounds during TOM. I'm hoping I will be down a little more by Wednesday...the day I go back to the doctor.

ok, off to start my day. Just wanted to give a quick update =)

Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday 5/8/15


I woke up not feeling too good. Body aching a little, I'm thinking it was all the pollen I kicked up yesterday while working in the yards. My husband cut grass and all the yellow stuff went flying everywhere. ugh

Yesterday was kinda emotional for me. You ever have a day where your just extra sensitive and could cry about anything? Well, yesterday was that day for me.  I cried a little when I realized I was at the wrong school when picking up my daughter for marching band. *eye roll*. I went to her school when I should have went to the school where they practice at. Luckily there not too far from each other.
I also cried when I was laying in the sun and listening to music, a song came on that reminded me of my grandma. There was no one to see me cry so I let it go and cried like a baby. I felt a little better afterwards.

I have an appointment Wednesday with that counselor I saw about a month ago. I'm excited about that. On that same day I'm also seeing my Doctor to get more Phentermine (sigh, another month on this roller coaster of emotion pill). It looks like 11 pounds will be about what I lose this month in total. I still have 4 more days to lose weight but my monthly is close so I don't see the scale moving in that direction.

I honestly wish I could stop taking the pill but I don't feel like a month on it is enough of that 'push' that I needed to start my weight loss journey. Perhaps when I get closer to a more comfortable weight (under 200) I will start weaning myself off? I have a while for that. I just hate the side effects, there not as bad, but I still struggle a little when them. The dry mouth is a constant PITA.

My biggest challenge right now is the emotional eating, its sucks! The cravings aren't as strong with the pill but there still there?  Its a bad habit that I alone have to break and no pill is going to help with that.

I did it before and I will do it again but this time with experience.

(sorry to be so deep and personal but that is what this blog is about, teehee. It's my place to go and vent and figure things out :-) )

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tuesday 5/5/15


Im up for work, just one more day( after today) and I'm off Thursday. Can't wait!

I got on the elliptical after delaying it for 2 hours ( had to watch Next Top Model, lol) and I was able to increase the resistance to a 2 for the most of the workout then to a #3 for ten minutes. I could really feel the #3. My but was burning.

Eating was good. I felt I had too many carbs and sugar but it didn't show on the scale this morning.

Well, off to get ready for work.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday 5/3/15


Today is work (blah) then I plan on getting in an elliptical workout while watching a movie. Yesterday I increased my resistance to a 3 setting so I could feel it. I'm definitely getting stronger =)

Yesterday wasn't too great. I mentioned in my last post that I didn't get a chance to take my appetite suppressant? Well, the suppressant gets rid of my cravings too and boy did my cravings come strong around 5pm yesterday. Gah! I kept getting up and munching. This kinda of scares me...even though I have close to 70 pounds to lose ( at least 7 more months the doctor will prescribe me the pill) I still have to learn how to over come this obstacle. I was bored, so I ate. I can't do that!! Not if I want to maintain my weight loss.

That reminds me to make an appointment with my therapist, LOL. I haven't seen him in two weeks.

sigh, so much to little time.

And even though I ate lower calorie food the scale is still up 2 pounds. I'm hoping in a few days my body will see the increase in calories as a good thing and release more weight. I've noticed in the past it will do this. Specially after eating low calorie for a long period of time.

Anyways, just a quick update before work.

August check-in

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