Friday, April 10, 2015

Day #17


I've been off the last two days and they have been so nice and peaceful. The kids are out for spring break so I requested some time off with them and my hubby. It's nice to sleep late two days in a row.

Today its back to work, blah. As a matter of fact, i'm working the next five days :-( oh well, it happens.

So the bupropion weaning process is still going well. No bad withdraw symptoms yet, so I think I will be ok once off the medication. I just have to watch my caffeine and make sure I exercise for mfy depression (which I noticed is still there, just mild)
 I am however not sleeping all night. I wake up around 1-ish and toss and turn, heartburn woke me up this morning. I took and antacid and tried to go back to felt like forever before I settled in though.

So far this week I have 3 workouts under my belt =) yup, and I plan on doing something either today or tomorrow to make it 4. My goal is 4 a week for right now until I get used to it. The girls at work want me to join that gym across the street from our work. If 4 people join at one time the price is really cheap, under 20$(gym and tan). IDK, i'm thinking about it. I have an elliptical and all kinds of equipment here...I don't really need a gym.

have a great day.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Day #13


In 8 more days I will be completely off of bupropion. I can't believe how easy it is so far? Almost zero side effects besides some agitation, but its very mild.  I remember when I came off of zoloft, I had this awful dizziness in my head that was described as 'brain zaps' by my doctor. It was normal to have them but they were so hard to work through.

So its Monday, and I'm getting ready for work. I got up at 4:45 so I could get some of my special coffee in before my workout. YES I SAID WORKOUT - eeeek! I actually got on the elliptical for 30 minutes this morning people! I gotta say, I feel fabulous.. Kinda hungry but I can hold off until breakfast.

I also did a Cathe Friedrich workout yesterday. Total Body Sculpting, it was definitely a beginner when it comes her workouts.

ok, thats it. Have a great day.

September 2018 Update

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