Saturday, February 07, 2015

My First Slip Up


SOOoooo, I had a slip up last night unsure emoticon . I'm not going to say what I ate after work yesterday but lets just say that the stress of working 8 days in a row finally built up and I stress ate.  I estimated my carbohydrates at about 160 for the day frown emoticon . Now I will have to fight through all those nasty cravings again. It all started Thursday when my dear husband ordered dominos pizza ( one of my trigger foods), and its not his fault..he asked if I minded and at the time I didn't. But once that pizza entered the house I smelled it, and my excuses started rolling in. I thought, well 'one slice of pizza isn't going to hurt me', Yeah right, those night time cravings hit me hard last night for me junk.
Wanna know what I should have done? I should have went into my room and either worked out, read a book. Called my mom or a friend or something else.
 I honestly don't think binge eating disorder ever completely goes away. We may get stronger and its 'voice' may get weaker, but its still embedded in our brains as a coping mechanism for stress. I think the less we use it - the weaker it gets. 

But it will be ok. I will be ok. I got this. Just gotta get back on my wagon, grab the sides and hang on tight. heart emoticon

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Can I Get a High Five?!


Just came on here to brag about myself.

We went to well known all-you-can-eat buffet yesterday and I was good!! Yup, I went on their site and looked up the nutrition info before going and stayed on plan. Im proud of myself.

And in all honesty, I don't want to eat carbs and mess up my fat-burning metabolism right now. I don't want the cravings that go along with them and the hangover effect the next day.

The next carbohydrate that I allow back in will be the lower glycemic fruits. I don't know when I will allow them yet. The scale is being a total @ss right now and not showing me the # I want to see. But I can tell a difference in my body. Almost like my 'skin is getting loose' or something?

ok, gotta get ready for work. Oh and since I have been putting off working out so far this week. I HAVE TO workout after work the next 4 days. Blah...

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mission: Reboot


Its Tuesday, February 4th. Its around 6:12 in the morning and I'm feeling a good vibe.

Yesterday was stressful. I was in a rush to work, a rush to get home and before bed I wanted to stress eat.  No workout and my food wasn't 'induction' friendly. I didn't over do it, but I had some forbidden food thats not introduced until the 2nd phase of Atkins. Here's a click and paste of yesterdays meals.
B-atkins bar
L-smoked Gouda w/boars head oven gold turkey, coke zero 
s-2tbs natural pb (ok, it was more like 4 unsure emoticon )
S-steakums sauteed with mushrooms, red onions & bell pepper
W/o- nothing frown emoticon
Water- good

As you can see, still no bread or white stuff. The morning bar was a quick grab and go snack. The coke zero was because I wanted it. The natural peanut butter was because my sweet tooth. And I didn't workout simple because I didn't feel like it. I was in 'binge mode' and thats all I wanted to do.

But I didn't. I stood my ground .. an indication that I'm changing.

Today I woke up with a clear mind. I started off very strong in this change of life style. And I've noticed here lately that I've been reaching for more 'grab and go' type meals. I've been lacking in veggies and making excuses.

The point of Atkins is to not only rid your body of simple carbs and sugars ( with so many other benefits) but to change your mindset in the way you think about food. To read labels and understand them. There are no 'cheat' or 'free' days in Atkins, and that's where im having a hard time. Cheat meals is what got me through the week when I counted calories. But I can also remember having the hardest time getting back on track the day after a cheat meal. The cravings where over whelming. 

So, today I will reboot my self. Today I will have no excuses.

p.s- sorry for any typo's. I've got to go....

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2/3/15 Update


Yesterday I woke up feeling run down, and just achy. Kinda b*tchy too. It never really went away...I just wanted to stay home and lounge around. We started a 4-day class at work and boy was I not feeling it, at ALL.

Anyways, Im glad to be feeling better this morning. Today is my official weigh in day and im up 1.3 (eyeroll) I'm doing everything right so the weight loss will come. I'm not worried about it. My body is so slow to respond to my efforts I wasn't really expecting one. I will probably be down later this week or possible next tuesday. ... .... whatever.... ... ....

Still no bread, nothing white and I'm watching my carbs. Not counting them but I'm pretty sure im under 40/35 a day. During induction your suppose to eat under 20 a day and on most days I do hit that, or even under, but im not perfect and lord knows I never will be so I do what I can and keep on going ;-) Im not really worried about it. As long as I stay on track and feel good about myself thats all that matters.

I kinda wished I would have measured myself two weeks ago because my stomach appears to be smaller, and my thighs as well.

Oh and can I just rant a little on whats available for low carb? I'm a member of a few face book low-carb recipe sites and there is some really good recipes out there for anything you want.
Yesterday I clicked on a pizza crust recipe and was kinda disappointed to see the long list of ingredients. None of which I have.
 Don't get me wrong, im thankful for the recipe providers out there and deeply appreciate there time, but dang...I wish they would sell no gluten/low carb pizza crust in the stores.  I don't want to spend a lot of time prepping a pizza crust? I would rather buy one and pile it high with good stuff then bake and eat. Ya know what I mean?
All the recipes seem to have a lot of ingredients. Kinda frustrating.
Im thinking that maybe there is an issue with shelf life or something, thats why there not already made and packaged? IDK.

ok, well - that about sums it up for today.
later gators....

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Blah Blah Black Sheep..


So, Im up - rather be in bed. I know...I know, just hush and get over it.  Well, once I get to work I'm ok. Its the whole getting-ready-for-work-thing that I don't care for at the moment. Im in my pj's and fuzzy socks and wanna stay in them. :-P

Oh and before I go hop in the shower I wanted to state that "This girl is still on low-carb" yes, my choo-choo train is still chugging along. I admit that im getting bored with the same old food. Its day 13 and I could care LESS about eating another salad, egg and meat of any kind. In the book I think he calls this ( he as in Atkins guy), he calls this my 'breaking point'.

But oh no - I shall not break. Just like that old guy with the stick in his hand in Lord of The Rings that says "You shall not pass". HA! (I know the old guy has a name and the stick isn't a stick...but I don't know the details...that's my hubbies movie, and if I was to say "nobody puts baby in the corner", he wouldn't have a clue who baby is, teeheee, just saying. ) =)

Well off on another adventure in the Deli today.
Wish me luck, being that it is super bowl Sunday. Sigh

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....