Monday, October 05, 2015

Conquering My Fears


It's a rainy Monday morning and I wish I could home and get some house work done but work awaits. Work is going to be crazy this week. Our store is doing a reset, which basically means they're moving things around again. Not really a big deal for the common customer I guess or even co-worker but when your job is to hang labels for the things that are being moved around it could be a f*cking nightmare! I will have to learn the location of everything again. But the end it will be ok.

Speaking of nightmares, last night I had the craziest dream? We were living on a lake with crystal blue water ( that's not the nightmare, thats the 'dreaming' part haha) and my old lab, Cassie girl was in the back yard. Well I look out the window and see her swimming in the lake ... which isn't weird or anything but I also see a dark long shadow emerge from the water behind her and start following her. Well about that time my heart skips a beat and I dash down to the water's edge just in time to see her being swallowed by an alligator!! (btw, alligators don't swallow their victims whole, they rip them apart in chunks so that was odd).

So seeing how my dog just got swallowed by a alligator I instantly turn into Rambo and pull out a huge knife, jump into the water and tackle the alligator while putting the knife through it's head. I then drag it on shore and cut it's belly open to find my dog....still alive and well. Then I look up to see more alligators looking at me. I proceed to terminate them too?

Yes, it's a crazy dream. And here's the kicker.... I'm terrified of alligators.  I mean really, really terrified of them. When I was a teenager my family went to the swamp to fish in south Ga and I stayed at my cousin's house because I didn't want to go around the alligators...that's how scared I am of them.

In the dream I conquered my fears. Pretty cool huh?

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