Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Day 1 Went Well

Morning, well it's my morning because today is my 3rd shift day. So Good Morning(:

Today is also the first day of my lifestyle challenge! I did really good today. We went to waffle house and I chose wisely, had sugar free syrup on my waffle and a side order of bacon = 500 calories. Lunch was a sandwich with some grapes. Popcorn was a snack and supper was some lean meat chili + crackers. I'd say I did pretty well. I wasn't very hungry today and I ate better then I did yesterday. I bought some veggies yesterday along with some more fruit for snacks.

Tonight starts day #2. It's tricky at night because I have to count it as the next day...so I have to be careful. I plan on eating a banana around 3 am and drinking some water. I will eat some breakfast when I get off at 7am.

Something keeps holding me back from working out? Perhaps it's the thought of knowing that its something that I have to do once I start? lol, doesn't that sound stupid? Why would I put off something that is going to benefit me in the long run? I just have to plan it out, that's all.

anyways, time to head off to work.


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