Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday's Hallelujah's


Today I cook for the LAST TIME in the Deli, HALLELUJAH!!! I just hope we're not busy today. Ugh...I hate it when we're busy and I'm running all over the place.

Nothing new really going on except my new job coming up. I'm excited but its kinda bittersweet since I won't be working with the deli crew anymore. I get along with almost everybody there and we've had some fun times. At least I will be in the same store so I can still visit them.

So remember that gym I was telling you guys about? Well, I plan on joining Wednesday (never mind, open house for my son) so as soon as I get a chance. I couldn't join last week because school shopping took all our extra money, grrrrrr

Anyways, I was talking to another gym member yesterday and she's lost 47 lbs since starting in January!! How about that?  She's started with 3 sessions with a personal trainer who also gave her a flexible diet plan that she can follow based on her weaknesses and strengths. And she's not that expensive. So I'm heading up there the first chance I get.
I need a re-boot in eating healthy and a new perspective on workouts couldn't hurt either.

Meanwhile I'm logging my food on MFP even if it isn't 100% healthy

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