Sunday, August 09, 2015

Sunday Update

My favorite coffee cup

I'm off today, thank goodness. My new job has a set schedule which I LOVE. I work Thursday - Saturday, I'm off every Sunday and Tuesday, then I work a 3rd shift on Tuesday night (11-7) then I'm off on Wednesday. It's awesome to know when I will be working. The one 3rd shift position is the only CON so far.

It's also awesome because I'm not around food all day, I'm in the front office. So I have to pack my food or buy there is less chances of eating junk.

Tuesday will be my first weigh in with MFP, I had a sneak peek at the scale this morning and I'm down 5lbs so far. It feels good.

I noticed after work, after the craziness of the day that my anxiety goes up? I want to nibble and the self doubt thoughts come.
"this is going to take a long time, why bother?"
"I just can't do this again, it's too hard." 
"one day of pigging out isn't going to matter anyway, I'm already fat"

And I almost give in to those impulse thoughts. It's hard not to, but I've been keeping up a good fight and so far and I'm proud of that.
The reality is that yes, it is going to take a long time. It took me 3 years to put it back on. And Yes, it is hard...but I've done it before? And despite what my crazy thoughts suggest, one day of pigging out does matter! It can't do a lot of damage in the grand total of calories for the week but it can do psychological damage to my healthy eating mindset. A mindset that is already fragile right now. I won't pig out or even think about it. However I'm allowing myself a meal every Tuesday just because I did it in the past and it worked. But I will need to log it.

So the anxiety after work can easily be helped with a workout. After work is the perfect time to workout, but I don't want to put too much on my plate at one time. Right now I'm getting used to logging food and my new job position is A LOT to take in. I mean, it's a lot of paper work and I'm learning how to navigate my way through a Scanning Gun, I'm dealing with department managers and the store manager for that matter. It's just a lot right now.
But a walk maybe a few days a week is a good start. And it will help relieve some of the stress too.  I haven't started doing it yet but I think about it everyday. I just don't want to get overwhelmed at this point because I want to be successful.

ok, I can't wait to step on the scale Tuesday with an update =) Oh and that picture is pretty self explanatory...I new coffee cup with my sign, Scorpio. The words are so true ....teehee

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