Tuesday, August 04, 2015

I Split My Pants!


Yup, you heard right. I was at work Sunday and when I bent down to get something I heard and felt my pants rip at the crouch area. I had to be careful the rest of the day... when I got home I sewed them up ( unless there falling apart completely I refuse to buy new work pants)

Oh, and here's another doosey for ya. I was getting ready to go swimming yesterday when all of a sudden my daughter comes running out of her bathroom screaming "Momma I found your scale!" This is great news! It means I don't have buy a new one. Hell yeahya

So, the first thing I did was step on the d@mn thing this morning and as expected...I'm a whale.

My heaviest was right before I started that diet pill back in May and I weighed 248. This morning I weigh 250

yes...its sucks. Yup... I feel like a whale. And Yup...im doing something about it.

This first thing I did this morning was log my food on MFP. I don't care how many times I tried this website and failed. One of these days I'm gonna try and its going to stick and I'm going keep going.

Work news
So today is my official last day in the deli. I've got mixed emotions about it. I'm sad because the deli crew is so awesome ( for the most part, there are some sour apples in there) but we usually have a good time. But I'm also very excited to be making more money, to be working mostly by myself and making more money. To be working by myself, making more money and NOT smelling like a piece of fried chicken every time I leave that place.

Did I mention I'm making more money? teehee.


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