Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good Morning

I'm off today but I work tonight and I'm kinda anxious about it, but I will be alright. I learned so much yesterday and I'm really liking my new position.

I had to take a drug test and background check yesterday. Every time you move to a new position in my store you have to take them. But what's exciting is that I had to write down my hourly wage and right next to my hourly wage there was a space for 'rate increase', so I'm waiting to see what he increases it too. We discussed it last week and  he told me two amounts. (he's so wishy washy) so I hope i get the higher one. Surely he will give me the higher one since my yearly evaluation is coming up and I'm suppose to get my yearly raise.

Work Gossip
So the guy I'm replacing had his last day at work yesterday. I heard that he made a comment when I went to use the scan gun. He said " are you going to let HER do that?" he was asking our lead. She said "yes, she has to learn how to do it?". She later told me what he said and how he was acting, like he was mad that im learning his job or something? I just kinda laughed and said that it was "his decision to leave? I mean it's not like I'm replacing him because he didn't do his job good enough?"
I told her that I stop trying to figure people out a long time ago. His actions have nothing to do with me, for whatever reason -  he was mad, and I honestly don't care. He's gone now....

MFP Talk
so today is my official first week of myfitnesspal and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think once I get used to my new position at work my day will go smoother and I can concentrate more on my eating and exercise. I'm so proud of myself for sticking to it. I did change my activity level so I can have more calories. 1500 just wasn't enough, I felt deprived by the end of the day. Now im eating 1860...a lot more comfortable ( one pound a week).
I love the mfp bar-code scanning thing, it makes my journey so much easier. LOL

I'm thinking about doing a workout today. It will help my anxiety ( I'm very anxious today, gah) and maybe help with my nap later before my first 3rd shift by myself. ( there are night stockers there, but Im by myself with my job)

ok, Have a great day =)

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