Friday, August 14, 2015

A Goal In Mind


I don't have a lot of time here but I wanted to pop in and say hey! I fell off my healthy eating wagon yesterday, it wasn't pretty. I guess the stress of learning my new position finally got to me ( at least thats what I'm going with). I told DH that I need a goal or a some kind of date in mind to keep me focused.

We got married 14 years ago. This coming up April will be 15 years. We didn't have a wedding, we just went to the court house and said our vows. So I really want to have some pictures taken on my next anniversary. I want to pick out a wedding dress and have my hubby in a tuxedo. I want to have a small ceremony and renew our vows.

April is a little over 8 months away. I would really love to lose about 50 lbs by then. Now that I'm learning my new job and I'm not around any delicious deli temptations I feel like I can do it.

After work today or tomorrow I plan on pulling my elliptical into the living room so I can watch TV while doing it. I also plan on opening up my Total Gym in my bedroom so I can hop on that after work as well.
I have a workout calendar in my living room and I will mark my workout days on there. Since it goes from 'Sunday - Saturday' I'm going to start working out this Sunday and just go from there.

I'm still going to log my food on myfitness pal, that sight. But unless I'm starving I probably won't eat my exercise calories back because it's giving me 1820 right now.

Ok..enough chitter chatter. Have a good day.

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