Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Weight Loss Pics Are UPDATED


I'm recovering from an evening seeing Magic Mike XXL. Sigh...oh. my. gosh. I don't think my mouth was closed through the entire movie? teehee. I went with a couple of friends and we had a good time.

Today is day number 3 on my 2nd weight loss journey. I'm still feeling good, still feeling confident. I'm on the right track - changing the way I think about food is the key, once you get past that you can do it.
I'm not doing much with exercise as of now, I want to get a few weeks of food logging in before I start with that. Remember, baby steps is how I did it before. I started with walking 3/4 days a week so I will start there in August.

Ok, gotta get off this computer and get ready for Six Flags. We are packing our lunch since a 20 oz drink is 3.50 ( yeah, kinda crazy).

Oh, and I updated my weight loss pic with a pic of me not too long ago at the very bottom of the page. Check it out =)


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