Friday, July 10, 2015



I'm up to get this day over with because I get to sleep in tomorrow , HeLLs YeaH!!

So, if you've been reading my blog then your aware of my lifestyle change that started the past Monday. I've been doing really good as far as logging goes. But I've noticed that the longer I go with telling myself "no, can't have that" the more grumpy I get. And there is another problem,  the late night almost-impossible-to-resist munchie monster has erupted once again. }:-[  Yup, I was doing all hunky dory until about 9pm when I had these bad urges to go eat. I started with a measured bowl of rice crispies with splenda and 2% milk. I wasn't even hungry? Just 'wanted' to eat AND I didn't have the calories for this crap...blah. Then before I knew it I had blew my whole day and had about 3 hundred calories more.

Damn ... DAMN .... DAMN ( a little Florida Evens interpretation )

So ... anyways. I'm over it now, I will figure it out and over come this little small minuscule of a problem that I'm not gonna let stop me - teehee

I told my husband yesterday "wow, this is hard? I must be a very strong person to stick it out for so long before?" he said yes you are.

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