Tuesday, July 07, 2015

It's Day Two


Yesterday was a Netflix binge kinda day. I sat on my rump and watched probably 12 episodes ( or more?) of Sons of Anarchy. Every episode would end leaving me hanging so I had to continue? And then netflix would ask "Are you still watching?" LOL, well ...yeah, im  not dead. Hahaha

I played some zoo tycoon and then decided I needed to do something productive so I cleaned up one bathroom and did some laundry. Hubby cooked some turkey spaghetti for supper and I made some garlic toast. But most importantly I stayed on plan! Thats right, I was able to click that MyfitnessPal" complete diary" button at the end of the day. What a rewarding feeling =)

It's day number two today. On the agenda today is work ( yawn, boring) then later on this evening I'm meeting a friend and we're seeing Magic Mike XXL. Sigh, oh the joys of seeing a bunch of muscle men dance AND take off there clothes. It's going to be a good day ya'll :-D

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