Monday, July 13, 2015

Here's Whats Happening

Good Morning,

It's 5:50 am on a Monday morning and guess what?! I have exactly 16 more hours of work before I'm officially off for 7 paid days. Sigh, oh I can't wait! One of the perks of being full time is vacation & holiday hours.

Yesterday I wasn't in a good mood. I woke up cranky, just didn't want to go to work and when I got there I didn't want to be there. I was quiet for the most part but felt better after lunch. I know why, I haven't been eating very good this weekend. My eating has always been a direct link to my mood. And seeing myself in pictures lately has really hit me hard on how much weight I have to lose, it's kind of a bummer.

Work Stuff
I plan on going to the store manager again about a position that is coming available soon. I just want to remind him that I do want it. Sigh, to get out of the deli would be fabulous. And to get in the front office would be even more fabulous...thats where you make the $$. I would love to be a CSM one day.

Weight Loss Updates
I hate to admit that I haven't counted calories since Friday =[ I just don't look at it the same way anymore, it's like a countdown to starving or something (even though I'm rarely hungry) AND im so b*tchy when I do it!?

Sigh, there's got to be another way? Maybe instead of counting calories as a whole day, I can just count 5 meals at 300 calories or 3 main meals and two snacks? Ya know, whatever gets me to my daily goal without going over...its the whole logging part that drives me mad. I know what to do...just gotta do it.

I will stew on it a bit and update you as I go.

So I have my Total Gym out in my bedroom along with my Elliptical. There ready for me to use...I know I said in a recent post that I was gonna wait until August but the exercise really gets rid of my stress, and in turn it helps me stay on track with my eating. So I'm gonna start moving more and eating less junk. I weighed like a week ago, so there's no since in weighing until August.

To help me out on my weight loss journey I started listening to these neat Pod Cast that are free. Inside Out Weight loss with Renee' Stephens. Here is the link to the newest one. This one is about binge eating and how to stop it before you start.

I forgot all about her fabulous pod cast. I listened to her before I started working every day while I walked my dog. She helps change your mindset on food. Its great...check it out.  Did I mention that they're FREE?!?!

Have a great day =)

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