Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good Things to Come :)

Good afternoon ya'll,

It's been a pretty dramatic day for me. It started with my female exam. As expected, my doctor wasn't happy with my weight gain over the past three years. She asked if I wanted to try a diet pill? I asked "well, what ya got?" She suggested Phentermine I said very kindly 'no thank you' she asked if I wanted try Belviq free for 15 days? I agreed too, But after getting back home and reading reviews  I decided to not take it. I don't need a diet pill - I can do this by myself. The side effects just out weigh the benefits. IMO
She also suggested that I eat 1250 calories a day for weight loss. I said OK but I know that's not realistic for me. 1700 is what MFP gives me and thats what I will start with. I'm getting back on the horse tomorrow with my calories.

But wait, that wasn't the dramatic part of my day!! 

So after seeing the doctor I stopped at a gas station for some gas and a drink and that's when I discovered I didn't have any money, my hubby had my debit card!! I had no money on me and my car was on empty!?!   I decided to try and get in touch with my husband but his phone kept going straight to voice mail. Then our home phone went straight to voice mail. ( I later found out that they were both dead) So I tried to contact him through face book and this time it was my phone that was giving me fits. It kept going to a black screen? WTF?

OMG are you effing kidding me? And did I mention its like 100 degree's here in GA? 

So I turn my phone off and turn it back on and that seemed to do the trick...I got in contact with him and he was there 30 mins later to my rescue.

I tell ya what, I was on the verge of tears before I contacted him. I honestly didn't know what to do? I felt so helpless.. and I don't often feel like that. It's a sucky kind of feeling!

Anyways, I'm ok now...home safe and sound.

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