Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting Ready


So tomorrow is the big day. I've been planning for about a week now. I've been getting my mind ready for the change, repeating thoughts of  things I know that I will have to do in order to change. Things that drive me batty but guarantee weight loss ( counting calories on MFP)
 I'm building myself up for it.

I meant to go down to the gym yesterday and get a membership but shopping for school clothes took all our extra money, Grrrrr. Oh well, I can do it Tuesday on my next paycheck. A co-worker at work used to go there and she loved it. Said everyone was really nice and helpful. I'm excited!!

But today is work, as a matter of fact work is in 30 minutes so I need to get off my @ss and get ready. I'm already looking forward to clocking out at 3:30 today....

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