Sunday, July 26, 2015



First off I wanted to say that I'm still playing around with a title to my blog, sorry for any confusion.


I wanted to come clean on here. Every time I announce that I'm going start counting calories something mentally happens to me.

( geez, having trouble spelling this morning, grrr) 

I start off the day good then I will end in a binge. The next day I start over and again - a binge.

This sucks people! I don't like having this crazy relationship with food?  This morning I googled 'how to stop a binge eating disorder' and I found this website. It's a well known website and the author seems to know her stuff. I also found a sentence in there that inspired my new blog title.

Yesterday I got that free 15 day trial of Belviq filled, you know that diet pill my doc prescribed me last week, well here's a fact about it that you probably won't find surprising - its expensive! I'm talking 227$ for a month's supply. The Pharmacist did tell me that I could get it for 75$ if I downloaded a care card on the website ( which I did) and I had planned on starting today.

After work yesterday I binged. I ate 2 packs of remain noodles, a bowl of sweet cereal and had like 4 marshmallow cookies...then I passed out on the couch. =( I woke up feeling like total sh*t.

Whats so funny is on the way home I was planning the binge because I knew I was starting that diet pill today.

Well, here's a heads up guys... I'm not starting that expensive diet pill. After reading the link above I decided that I will go to a gym instead and use that money for a personal trainer and some new gym clothes! I've got to get into that life style change mindset and get out of the 'all or nothing' mindset.

ok, I could definitely go on and on this morning but I need to get to work. I just wanted to share my feelings before I go... take it easy guys.

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