Monday, July 27, 2015

Big Fat Fatty

Hi ya folks,

So, before I start. Yes...I changed my blog for 'I think' the last time. Nothing felt right but so far I'm feeling the simple title now.

I also added a due-dad on the side bar for my weigh ins, or shall I say 'upcoming' weigh ins for I haven't set a date yet. I'm just not ready yet...nope, not yet. I'm leaning towards August 1st, not too far away. As of this moment I will remain a big fat fattie. ;-)

But I am getting my mind ready. I'm not eating as much as I was. I'm making myself second guess anything I know I'm not suppose to eat. So that's a start, right?

For instance, yesterday I only ate two cookies instead of half the package.
And I ate a biscuit for breakfast but I didn't even eat any lunch besides three slices of lean deli meat...thats good right? I mean...kinda better I guess.
 oh who am I kidding, who the hell eats a biscuit and cookies while trying to watch their weight....*snort, chuckle

The real reason why I haven't started is because I can't find my damn scale ANYWHERE! I guess I did throw it away? Well I knew we weren't having the best relationship but I don't remember cutting it completely out of my life? 

Anyhoot, I'm buying one tomorrow....along with some tissues to wipe away the tears after I step on it.

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