Monday, July 20, 2015

Back From the Beach

Good afternoon guys and gals, 

We are back from our little 3 day get away and doing good. We went to the Florida coast to kick back and unwind a bit. It was fun...but damn was it HOT!  I can remember thinking as I lay on the beach, listening to the wind and seagulls that "This is so nice, so peaceful...I wish it wasn't so hot, sigh"  But we had a good time. I was so glad to see my bed though...its always nice to be home.

So, no news on weight loss or workouts except that there seems to be a strong lack of both!! LOL
 I don't know why? I just don't care at the moment to push myself...I'm still on vacation for Christ sake! Actually, I haven't really done a damn thing since I've been off work, except eat, watch TV and sleep. I figure that I only get one vacation from work a year so I might as well sit on my behind and enjoy it!

I have the dreaded 'paper gown appointment' tomorrow. Sigh..ugh. I don't know what's more frightening? The exam or the look on my doctors face when she see's how much weight I've put on, she hasn't seen me in over 3 years :/

Anyways.... I decided to NOT go on MFP unless I want to update my ticker that is featured on my blog. I don't know why I find it almost distracting to go on there? Or maybe it's the thought of having to 'log on and click all those damn buttons' just to log my food?  I decided to go back to writing down my calories and weighing once a week. It's the only thing that has worked in the past.  I'm going to buy a snazzy new book tomorrow to write in ( or to just tote around in my purse to remind myself that I need to write in it)

At least that's what I decided to do today :-P


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