Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Straw the Broke the Camels Back


I'm getting my coffee in before work. I'will be so glad when 2:30 comes because this girl is OFF TOMORROW, Oh Yeah!!

So first I wanted to start off by saying that I finally feel like myself again, the phentermine is completely out of my system and my mind isn't racing anymore. Sigh... I feel so much better.

And now that I've come to my senses I know what I have to do. What has ALWAYS worked in the past. (oh, I'm talking about weight loss here LOL) Counting calories and working out. It has always worked for me! It may take what seems like forever but it does work.

I'm back on myfitnesspal and for the past three days I have played around with it. But today It's time to get serious!! I miss going into a store and being able to wear a size L or M. Yesterday we went to the mall for some tank tops for my daughter. We stopped by Rue 21 and I saw some very cute summer dresses marked down to around 15$,  but guess what? The largest size was a L and back when I weighed 165/170 I could have bought those dresses. Grrrrrr!! It mad me mad for a moment. So that was the straw that broke the camels back for me. That was the moment when I said "Dang it, that's it! I'm counting calories again!". It's time to get this weight off and fly right. From now on I will have to make a choice, it's either whatever it is that's tempting me at the moment or THAT DRESS! ;-)

oh and a funny moment on the way home in the car.
So I was telling my hubby about the dress and how im ready to start doing what has always worked and how "that was the straw that broke the camels back" and all. Well I look back and my kids because they were giggling...they didn't understand the whole camel quote. I had to explain it all to them. My son said "Oh...camels tote straw around...haha, I get it now".
It was SO CUTE!!

ok...laters. Boy time sure does fly when your having fun..

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