Friday, June 05, 2015

So Here's The Thing


Im off today, tomorrow and Sunday and we're going to the BEACH BABY YEAH!

Yesterday I intended on walking after work - didn't happen
Yesterday I intended on eating healthy - didn't happen
today I intend on eating healthy - Um, I'm on vacation...who cares?

Here's the thing guys... I'm fat and I will be fat when I return Sunday. So I'm not going to stress about food or my fat but. I'm going to have fun. I'm not going to eat like a piggy poo but I'm not going to deprive myself or worry about calories.

Yesterday we went shopping and my heart kept sinking ( well kinda) every time I pulled out a cutesy little shirt or dress, that they of course don't make in 'big girl' sizes. Where are all the cute close for big folks? I know there are plus size sites and shops out there but the prices are well above my budget. And I also wondered 'Why didn't I wear these cutesy clothes when I was small?" Ugh... I will this next time by george!!

I was telling my husband last night how excited I am to get this phentermine out of my system and to start working on my workouts again. Thats what I need to focus on everyday, getting that workout in. I miss Cathe's workouts ( Cathe Friedrich) and I have a ton of hers. I miss the soreness after a weight workout.

Ok, off to get ready for our trip. sorry if there are any typo's. I don't have time to proof read.

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