Saturday, June 13, 2015

Morning Mumbling


Its 6:18 on a Saturday Morning. I've got about 20 mins to type this before the mad frenzy of getting ready for work starts.

sigh, just one more day and I'm off Monday. I'm so ready.

So my eating the past two days has been atrocious to say the least. (yes, I had to use auto correct on that word ha) I've been in the " I don't give a crap" mind set and I know it will catch up to me soon. I can already feel my stomach poking out.

Why am I making this weight loss journey so difficult? It's not rocket science here, and I've done it before? I counted calories and exercised and lost weight. It was a slow and painful progress but there was progress happening! I honestly don't eat that bad, its the convenience food that is becoming an hassle right now oh and not to mention the sugar/sweets...I've got to lay off them. The convenience food is the easy grab-and-go food. What it boils down too is that I've become lazy and I don't want to make any effort. ( hence the diet pills)

And speaking of, I'm so thankful to be off those dang diet pills because they were making my life miserable.  

ok, it's time to get ready and pack my lunch. Have a great Weekend!!

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