Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20 2015 update


I'm up early for a slim in six workout. I want to get it done before work so I can relax afterwards...

Yesterday was day #1 on myfitnesspal and I did great! Got in a workout and stayed within my daily calorie so proud of myself. I ate around 1650 in calories and drank tons of water. I went over on sodium but I'm not worried too much about it. Sodium is in everything!!

I haven't stepped on the scale and quite frankly, I don't wanna see it right now. Maybe after a few days of being on  track I will check my weight. I maybe even wait until the 26th of June, that will be 7 days on plan before I check it? IDK...will see.

So its been a little over 10 days since I quit phentermine and I finally feel like my old self again. I honestly didn't realize just how bad I felt until I came off the pill. It made me anxious all the time, kinda depressed and paranoid too. I won't take it again. I have a private phentermine page where I logged my thoughts and feelings in, and I will go back to that if I ever get the itch to try it again.

Ok, I've got to start slim in six now. Later gators...

I just finished this workout. If you "Play all video's" is about 25 minutes.

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