Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday 5/17/15


Its Sunday, May 17th around 5:20 in the morning. I have to cook today at work (boooo) but the good news is that im training a new lady and I'm not cooking on the next schedule. (yaaaayyyy) That's good. Sunday's are usually crazy busy at work so the idea of training somebody today kinda makes me anxious. sigh

Anyways. So I applied at three jobs online yesterday. One is a bank teller, one is medical front office and one I kinda went out on a limb, state trooper dispatcher. (what? I could totally be a dispatcher - and it said "no experience necessary" Well...thats me! haha =)

My counselor is right, putting in applications everywhere is making me feel better. I honestly don't think I will be happy at my current job, even if I was to get a pay raise (which still wouldn't be enough) I don't think it would matter. I feel betrayed, I feel like I was stabbed in the back! I should have been offered that Bakery Manager's position. Not a girl who has zero experience running a bakery? I just keep thinking 'I trained her, I just don't get it?"  And not to mention she left a really good position that was handed to her because she wasn't happy in the bakery anymore.She was out of the bakery with in two weeks . WTF?  Mmmm, that sounds like me about 2 years ago and I wasn't offered a really good position? As a matter of fact, I was offered a transfer, but I had to wait 2 months. .......

Breath in - breath out

LMAO, can you tell I'm still pissed about it? Sorry, sometimes I get myself started and I just can't stop. I hope that last paragraph made sense? teehee

So the scale is still dancing around the same #. I meant to workout yesterday but I decided to sit on my but instead and watch some netflix. Yeah...I discovered Orange is the New Black and I watched like 4 episodes in a row. The kids were swimming then went into my sons room to play...they couldn't watch this show with me..yikes. Tonight is Game of Thrones...can't wait!

ok, have a good Sunday =)

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