Saturday, May 02, 2015

Saturday Update 5/2/15

Good Morning,

This is the first Saturday I've had off in a while, its nice to be home with the kids =)

Today's agenda is 1) workout 2) mow the front lawn 3) get some house work done

I slept in this morning so I didn't take my appetite suppressant, oh well - I will have to learn to live without it one day. I will get back on it tomorrow. If I take the pill too late I will have a hard time falling asleep tonight and I don't want that.

Anybody watch Grey's Anatomy?

I honestly don't know how to feel about the last two episodes. There was some foreshadowing about him and Meredith 'living without each other' in one episode. Derek went missing at one point leaving us to believe that he was with another women...but I never guessed that they would kill him off? I was shocked & upset to see his last breath! I was waiting for Meredith to wake up from her nightmare! But she never did.

I went ahead and got a box of tissue's ready for the past Thursday's episode. Before I watched it I couldn't help but wonder if the series is coming to an end? but after watching the episode it appears that Meredith is slowly moving forward with her life,

Anyways, I just wanted to share my opinion because Grey's has been one of my favorite shows since it's debut in 2005. But it has always been about Meredith and Derek? It just doesn't seem to be the same show without them together. =(

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