Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday 5/23/15 Update


I'm up early for work, unfortunately I have to work on a holiday weekend...but I know im not the only one. I did get memorial day off, so that's cool.

A few things I wanted to share this morning. First I hit a new weight!! Yep 14 pounds gone so far and today is day #39. I'm satisfied with that. But I do have a confession to make. I hate this pill and how it affects my anxiety! I never know day-to-day how I'm gonna feel at any given moment. It can definitely play with your mind and emotions. I'm moody, irritable and it make's me dizzy on some days. All of these are common side effects. My weight right now is 234. I really want to get below 200 before I start weaning myself off the pill slowly. I can't wait to get off it.  

I went to see my counselor yesterday, it was a good session and I learned more coping tools but I was pretty much a quiet camper. I really didn't have anything to talk about so we are now on a 'as is' basis. So if something is bothering me I can make an appointment with him. He's really nice and pretty funny too.

So remember the whole bakery thing that happened back in April/May? A girl that announced she was going to be a Bakery Manager on FB and it ticked me off that I wouldn't considered for the position?  Well it's bothered me pretty much since it happened. I kept wondering why did they ask her? But then a light bulb came on yesterday while I was cleaning.
When I got hired back after pretty much walking out of the bakery. I started in the Deli,  it wasn't shortly after that - that the store manager came to me and asked if I would consider the Bakery Manager position if the women training didn't work out. I was very hesitant about but my point is that he didn't ask that other girl, he asked me!!!! That was a huge turn around point in regarding my feelings towards the whole situation.  Now it doesn't really bother me. =)  

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