Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Tuesday, May 26th


I have one hour before I have to be at work. I woke up in such a crappy mood, I just felt bad. I had a couple of bad dreams because I took a melatonin last night to help me fall asleep. Oh and my allergies are driving me nuts. My nose and eye's are starting to get itchy and I keep sneezing. I hate taking antihistamines so I will just ride it out.

I counted calories yesterday just to see where I was at and boy oh boy have I been eating a lot more than I thought I was. I ate close to 1400 yesterday and believe me when I say..that isn't very much. So that's why the scale hasn't been moving that fast; even if it IS fast in reality, but compared to fellow phentermine friends - my scale is moving slow. So I'm going to keep a close eye on my calories for a few more days until I get back on track.
Yesterday I got in a 2 mile power walk and I intend on doing the same today after work.I can't wait to pick up weight's again, I feel like such a weenie right now. lol. But i'm going to wait until I get under 200.

So my husband gave me some interesting news yesterday. His job is opening up a new plant in Atlanta and there going to start the application process next week! I would have to drive to Atlanta but if it starts off almost 5$ more an hour ( and a top out pay more than 8$ more an hour) then what I make now then why not? It could mean great things for our family. I would never make that much at the grocery store I'm working at unless I was a manager of some sorts with tons of responsibilities. I'm going for it!!
If I do get hired there we both agree'd that we will have to get a more dependable car.

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