Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's Saturday, Yay!


So far it sunny, but the forecast says rain later. Maybe I can get out and lay in the sun for a while before that happens?

I'm off today - oh the joys of being off from my dreadful job. ;-) I was in a good mood yesterday because of my anticipated day off :-P teehee. Actually, im starting to see a pattern here the day before I'm off I'm a good mood Mmmmm, perhaps that says something about my feelings towards my job?

Well, I better enjoy today because my next day off isn't until Friday. =(

Anyways, I'm at a new weight today. Still 236 but I'm down .2 from my heaviest. I know, Im counting OUNCES *eyeroll* but an ounce gone is an ounce I don't have to see anymore. Perhaps I will see *gasp* 235 soon?  (yes I'm being sarcastic - how I allowed myself to get this heavy is a mystery in it's self)  Honestly seeing 235 will be nice, but I won't get REAL EXCITED until I see 199 ;-) I still have at least 2 1/2 - 3 months until that day comes.
But on the bright side I may be close to my goal weight by Christmas! That's pretty exciting.

Have a good day.

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