Monday, May 18, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust


As the title of today's post suggest, I have indeed lost another pound. YEAHYA BABY! So 13 pounds in 33 days, not too shabby. I knew that # had to be coming. What I don't get is how some women manage to lose almost twice that much in a month? I guess they just literally don't eat. I can't do that, I feel awful when I skip a meal.

Example of my food yesterday
B- Jimmy Dean Delight, coffee
L-Turkey sandwich on ww bread, diet pepsi
s-dark chocolate bar, 2 TBS natural peanut butter (omg, my treat)
S-1 cup hamburger helper, 2 serve & bake rolls, diet pepsi
s-nutrigrain blueberry bar
water- close to 80 ounces

So I guess what I'm pointing out is that I do eat and don't deprive myself of anything. I don't want to gain anything back when I get off this pill. When I reach the 180's I plan on starting strength training again, more muscle means I can eat more. And I also plan on weaning myself slowly off the pill so its not such a shock to my system. But I still have a while for that.

I meant to workout yesterday but I was just too tired after work. So last week I got in 4 days, still good. It was my original goal. Today I will do a 30 minute elliptical workout to start off this weeks workouts. =)

Well, that's all I got this morning, have a lovely day.

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