Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Update

Good Morning,

It's around 6am on a Sunday morning. It's been raining here in Ga for a few days now and I can't help but just be all 'blah' about it. For just a minute yesterday I think I saw the sunshine peeking out. My poor doggies hate going out in the rain.

So yesterday wasn't a very good day at work. There is some drama going on and my name was in it. There is a girl that told boss lady that I had said something about her and I didn't. Boss lady asked me about it yesterday. I told her what was said and who said it. She listened I don't know if she believed me or not but - sigh - its over now.

I don't understand why people have to be so vindictive and manipulative? My only answer is that there just not happy with there own lives so they try to hurt other people.

I don't care...that was yesterday. I'm over it. But I have to work with that 'girl' today and its hard to turn the other cheek.


So yesterday I did a 30 minute elliptical workout before work. Today I just did the same thing. It feels great getting my workout over with before the day begins. I love it!! I've noticed the elliptical is getting easier too.
My eating has greatly improved too. I marked on the calender my weight a few days ago and I will weigh in every few days to see my progress. So far im down 3lbs =)

after all the drama that happened yesterday I wanted to eat pizza. Seriously! I had a bad craving for pizza and ice cream. So you know what I did? I ate a pizza lean pocket for supper and had a nutty buddy ice cream cone and BOOM craving satisfied - no binge eating - no over eating. I told myself that after this I'm done. And I stuck to my guns =)

ok, now for a shower. Sorry if there is any typos, I've got to get ready for work!
Have a great Sunday. :-)

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