Friday, April 24, 2015

Fabulous Friday Update!!


Its Friday April 24th. I have to work today but afterwards we have my Niece's birthday party to attend. I went out and bought her a pretty little dress with matching sandals yesterday, can't wait for her to see them. She's turning 7 years old =)

Yesterday was my day off and I enjoyed it. My hubby and I went and did some shopping and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Applebee's. I LOVE there sizzling bourbon street chicken and shrimp meal. Its so good, and with hardly any carbs and low in calories it fits perfect in my eating plan.

I also got on my elliptical yesterday. I turned up the resistance to a "2" and felt the burn in my bootie, lol. The only thing thats aggravating me about my elliptical is the screen keeps shutting off and restarting. So I have to keep up with my time myself...guess it needs new batteries.

A co-worker keeps asking me to join the gym across the street from our work. I used to go there but didn't like all the men standing around grunting and gawking. She tells me its different now...I'm thinking about it. Its only 25$ a month, if nothing else I could use it for variety? I can add tanning for 10$'s. really considering it.

Well, thats my update. My weight is still holding steady right now. Oh did I mention that I'm down about 8lbs? Woohoo ;-)

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