Thursday, April 02, 2015

Day #9


Nothing new to report. I'm still having a hard time concentrating and I seem to be getting this little 'buzz' sometimes that's kinda sedating. Perhaps its my brain getting used to the chemical change? Hell I don't know... I'm just thankful that my withdraw symptoms aren't that bad. (knock on wood)

I had 6 cheese Krystal's and a large fry for lunch yesterday. wtf? All I kept thinking was 'why am I eating this when I've gained so much weight?" I wonder if this is me punishing myself?

I can't wait to go see that therapist in 11 days. Perhaps he can help figure me out cause I can't. I can remember on my last therapy session about 3 yrs ago the therapist saying " do you thing you deserve to be at your goal weight? " at the time I was struggling with that last 15 lbs.

anyways, something for me to ponder today. I gotta get ready for good ol' work.

Oh and I wanted to share a completely humiliating experience that I had last weekend at Six Flags. So we just arrived and we decided to ride one of the older roller coasters. We road it last year a dozen times. . So we wait in line for like 30 minutes then get on the coaster and guess what? The damn restraints wouldn't 'click' shut with me and my husband. After the girl tried to close it a few times ( bless her heart) we did the walk of shame and left. It was quiet when we got off the roller coaster I wanted to hide some where. It was so embarrassing!!! I looked at my husband after exiting and said 'you ready to go?'. We laughed it off but it really did hurt my feelings. =-(

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