Friday, April 10, 2015

Day #17


I've been off the last two days and they have been so nice and peaceful. The kids are out for spring break so I requested some time off with them and my hubby. It's nice to sleep late two days in a row.

Today its back to work, blah. As a matter of fact, i'm working the next five days :-( oh well, it happens.

So the bupropion weaning process is still going well. No bad withdraw symptoms yet, so I think I will be ok once off the medication. I just have to watch my caffeine and make sure I exercise for mfy depression (which I noticed is still there, just mild)
 I am however not sleeping all night. I wake up around 1-ish and toss and turn, heartburn woke me up this morning. I took and antacid and tried to go back to felt like forever before I settled in though.

So far this week I have 3 workouts under my belt =) yup, and I plan on doing something either today or tomorrow to make it 4. My goal is 4 a week for right now until I get used to it. The girls at work want me to join that gym across the street from our work. If 4 people join at one time the price is really cheap, under 20$(gym and tan). IDK, i'm thinking about it. I have an elliptical and all kinds of equipment here...I don't really need a gym.

have a great day.

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