Saturday, April 04, 2015

Day# 11


I've got about an hour before work. I'm excited to have tomorrow off, I was suppose to cook but told the Manager that I cooked last Easter and had a very bad experience and would rather not this she gave me the day off.  I'm fine with that =)

I'm hoping to get a position that is coming available in the next month or so. I already talked to the store manager about it he said he would consider me for it. I'm hoping to get out of the deli and away from the food.

Anyways, its day 11 and I'm feeling good. I did have some slight mood changes yesterday but nothing major, I told myself it would pass and to not dwell on it. Once I quit thinking about it I felt fine. Its funny how the brain works. I'm hoping that once the medication is out of my system I don't have to take the diazepam any more. I do have a refill and I also have a refill of my sleeping medication...something else I would like to come off of.
To be medication free and to feel fine would be such an amazing accomplishment for me. I know it may not be possible to do it but if I could I would rather go through life medication free.

Do you fell that the older you get the less you get a sh*t? I told my husband yesterday how the older I get the less I give a rats @ss about what other people think. And my mouth filter isn't like it used to be, I'm catching myself saying exactly what is on my mind. I like it, lol. I like this new found 'older confidence' that I have. I will be 40 in about 3 years and I say bring it... I'm just getting better the older I get. teehee

I tried to count calories yesterday, It didn't end well. (oops)  I need to stop thinking about it so much then perhaps I will lose weight. I started weighing myself every two weeks, just to see if I'm gaining, losing or maintaining. These past two weeks I'm in about a 3lb range so what I'm doing now is maintaining. And that's with the workouts ( average 3 days a week). So if I could perhaps start with one thing, like not eating after supper...just start with that and keep weighing myself then maybe I can start to see some changes. I don't eat bad during the day...its after work is where I bomb.

ok, enough jibber jabber...I've been on here 30 minutes. Its time to get ready for work. Ya'll have a great day =)

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