Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tuesday Mumbling


Hope everybody is doing well! Im ok, I woke up with a little bit of a cold. I felt it coming on last night. Scratchy throat, sniffling nose, some body aches. Hopefully I will feel better today because I wanted to workout after work. I got my new workout yesterday in the mail click here to see a link to it ( and no, I don't get nothing for sharing the link besides sharing my love of exercise) if you scroll down you will see a 'play' video clip so you can preview it. I previewed it yesterday and it looks challenging but fun. I bought it on amazon where it was about 5$ cheaper.

Anyhoot. Im off tomorrow (yay) and its my husbands birthday. I plan on going over to the bakery today to make his cake. He will be 40, bless his heart. Its hard to tell how he feels about it - he's one of those " I don't show my emotions because I'm a tough guy" type of guy. But I'm sure he's not jumping for joy about it.

So my eating was good yesterday, no workout but I plan on hopefully getting one in after work. I was thinking the other day about working out every other day until it becomes more of a habit. IDK...just something I was thinking about.

ok, time for work.

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