Saturday, March 07, 2015

Still Struggling

I'm trying to start over, yet again today. I keep listening to that little negative voice in my head saying "you have such a long way to go - why bother?"  and there's that other one that suggest " you can start tomorrow, tomorrow is a better day".
And it seems everytime I try to lose weight I end up gaining a few pounds.  
It has been said that weight loss is 70% food + 30% exercise, well it is but there is also that mind set that you have to be in in order for it to work. And im struggling with that part. My mind hasn't been set yet.  
I know what I want - I just have to go after it and stay focused on the prize. 
Today, everytime I want to give up I will look into the future and see myself slim. And I will imagine how great I will feel when I look into the mirror. How great I will feel when I pull on those smaller jeans, when I can see my collar bone and cheek bones again.
That is what I need to focus on, I need to get over this 'hump' as I like to call it. Its true what they say " starting is the hardest part".
I will come back on here and log my calories, exercise and feelings for the day. I'm starting a daily log to keep me accountable. 

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  1. I hear you. I just did a week of Nutrisystem-one of those boxes for sale at Walmart. Now back to planning my own food.


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