Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Update.


So far this week I have been great on my new healthy life style change. I got 3 workouts in and plan on getting in one more today after work. My eating as improved greatly, no fast food this week except for subway ( doesn't count, lol). And I feel great. Just my over all mood as improved so much!

Its still gets hard at night...I want to order pizza or eat chips. Luckily the only chips in the house is pre-packaged for my sons lunches. I also got some pre-packed 100 calories snack cakes for dessert for everybody. They are working great! In the future, when I get mentally stronger I will buy a box or bag of cookies and separate them into individual packs to save money. I used to do this...

ok, time for work. Just updating my progress this week.

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