Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting The Ball Rolling...


I'm up early for work, the new time change has me kinda off track. I'm still getting used to it.

Yesterday was a good day! Finally a good day with eating and exercise. I did a 30 minute elliptical workout and watched what I ate. FINALLY!! And I feel good about it this morning.

When I got on my elliptical I watched some netflix for 30 minutes. It was a good idea...the time went by fast.

Today is day #2. Did I mention that I purchased a workout calender? I have it hanging on the wall in the living room and each time I workout I put a sticker on there. Yesterdays sticker was "you're awesome" lol. I know...cheesy but it feels good to put it on there. It feels like I accomplished something.

I also ordered a new fancy little food log. Its was only like 4$ through wally world and it should be here any day now. I will log my food in there. to get ready for work. Have a great Thursday.

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